Yesterday I lost my therapy dog, Pheobe.
She was diagnosed with Hepatitis Monday and had to be put down Friday. She was so bad off, but she held on and tried her best to seem ok so we wouldn’t be as upset. On her last day, she couldn’t walk. My parents had to carry her to the car. She used to be a mega spaz. Most people wouldn’t have called her a therapy dog. Since she was so crazy. But she held on til the end. The vets were surprised she had stayed alive and said it was because we loved her so much she used all of her strength. She was so young…I never thought of what Id do if she died. I was so sure she wasn’t going to did for a long long long time. It doesn’t seem real. I came home and expected to hear her bark and jump on the glass but it was so quiet. My other dog seems dazed and confused. It’s so hard…
I just want everyone to make sure their dogs have all of their shots. You don’t want to loose your dog in a matter of days. She was a beagle and acted like one. We found a dead mouse and an opossum just a bit before. So more than likely 1 of them had hepatitis. Pheobe just found the mouse dead-she killed the opossum. So we think it was the mouse. I just wanted to get this off my chest and to alert people.

1 month ago
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